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Interesting Statistics*

There are 4487 AA meetings Great Britain

Made up from:

  • 3585 AA Meetings in England and Wales
  • 902 AA Meetings in Scotland

All meetings take place weekly

There are 591 English Speaking Groups in Continental Europe

The ratio of male: female membership is 60/40

Our figures re-emphasised that regular attendance at meetings as well as having a home group is important to maintain sobriety

Our membership is estimated at between 33,000 and 40,000 in Great Britain

There are over 3 million individual attendances at AA meetings per annum

64% of members stated they have been sober at least 2 years

22% of members stated they have been sober for less than 6 months

33% of members with less than 5 years' sobriety are under 40 years of age

*all figures from the 2015 Membership Survey