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Membership Survey

Every five years the fellowship conducts a survey of our current membership. 

AA has been conducting statistical surveys of the membership approximately every five years since 1972. The questionnaires have varied slightly but overall the content has remained very similar, in asking for:

  • Demographics of the member (age, gender and occupation for social class);
  • Length of membership of AA
  • Length of sobriety
  • Frequency of attending AA group meetings
  • How members first heard of AA

The 2015 survey questionnaires also carried several new questions to collect additional information:

  • For members, their working status, whether they have any disability, whether they have a home group, whether they have sought treatment outside AA since joining, and several new aspects that may or may not have aided their recovery;
  • For group secretaries, the number of people who normally attend, the number of newcomers who attended in the last 3 months, the number of alcohol treatment agencies 'in your area', and the number that regularly refer clients to the group.
  • A pdf version of this document can be downloaded from our document library here


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